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Alerti is a platform designed to manage and monitor your brand or business content on the web, creating reports and statistics regarding your presence on the Internet.

This tool collects all the information about any keyword you enter, filtering it by date, source, influence, or interactions. It analyzes all the results with graphs that show how people talk about you on the Internet.

Alerti monitors all types of sources, including blogs, digital media, forums, social networks, images, and videos. The service also includes a summary of Facebook and Twitter activity, which is really useful to collect and show information from all over the web.

The reports include information on your Facebook activity, comparing it with that of the competition. You can use this to analyze your page's growth and your most popular posts.

You can subscribe to get real-time alerts sent to your email (once a day or once a week). However, the free version only offers a maximum of two alerts, and only shows information from the last seven days, with a limit of 500 results.

30-day trial version.